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How to Choose the Jewelry Scales?

Step 1

Know Which Weighing Units (g, oz., ct, grains, cwt, oz) You’ll Be Using: Consider which weighing units and the items that you intend to weigh the best. Weighing units, such as grams (g), Troy ounces (oz.), grains, Pennyweight (dwt), or (ounces) oz. Grams and ounces are the most common weighing units for precision scales, but some precision scales also offer the weighing units of Carats – ct (used for stones and gems) Troy Ounces – dwt (used for some precious metals) and Grains – gn (used for gunpowder).

Step 2

Make sure you know the requirements of your local/federal government.

Depending on the requirements of your local government, you may need to invest in scales that have been approved for retail use. In the United States, NTEP certified scales are likely to be legal for trade. You should check with your local authorities to determine what requirements and/or approvals your scale may need to be legal for trade.

NTEP-approved scales are generally considered to be those scales that the manufacturer intends to use for commercial applications where products are sold by weight. NTEP certification is also referred to as “legal for trade” or compliance with Handbook 44. While the definition of commercial application may vary slightly from one metrology jurisdiction to another, NIST Handbook 44 (General Provisions, paragraph G-A.1.) and NIST Handbook 130 (Uniform Weights and Measures Act, paragraph 1.13.) define commercial weighing and measuring equipment as follows.” ….. Weights and measures and weighing and measuring equipment, used commercially or for determining the size, quantity, extent, area, or measurement of a quantity, thing, product, or article, purchased, offered, or submitted for sale, rental, or reward, or for calculating any basic charge or payment for services rendered on the basis of weight or measurement.”

Step 3

Know the size and portability you need – where will you use your scale?

If you need to take your scale to different places, then you should choose a scale that is compact and portable (i.e. a pocket scale or mini scale). However, if you are going to put the scale on a bench/table, then you may want to choose a precision scale of a different size. You may have noticed that there is usually a direct relationship between capacity and accuracy. The higher the accuracy of the scale, the lower the capacity of the scale will generally be. If you are looking for a digital scale with a high capacity and high accuracy, this is likely to be very expensive.



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